Villa Durazzo of Sestri Levante, the Tigullio gulf

There is a part of Genovese history in the Villa Durazzo Estate, and this history adds fascination to this Ligurian Villa which overlooks the Gulf of Tigullio and the splendid Bay of Silence in Sestri Levante.
Villa Durazzo was built at the end of the 700's by the Patrizia and Dogale family of the Durazzos. The Villa and its Estates fill up an entire valley that is cultivated by vegetable allotments, grapevines and olive groves. The farming vocation of this Estate is also underlined by the farmhouses, architectually organised in the form of an 'esedra', a semi-domed shape, connected to the main residence by a scenic stairway.
The trees are of an exceptional importance amongst which precious and rare essences grow. These trees were planted by the Durazzo family to whose credit the splendid gardens are taken.
The integration of agricultural production, still in existence, and the residence makes the Villa Durazzo complex one of the most interesting organisational examples in the present day Ligurian territory.
The Villa Durazzo Estate, preserved and protected by the Superintendency of Architectural and Environmental Real Estate, is registered as a member of the Association of Italian Historical Houses and of the Association Historical Villas of Tigullio.

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